Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Rejoice - history is made

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Mr Banks said...

What a breakthrough

The breakthrough represented by Barack Obama's victory is truly earth-shattering. It represents the culmination of decades of struggle by black political activists and their allies in the US and overseas. Of course, it doesn't mean, as some commentators rush to assert, that racism is vanquished, in the US or anywhere else. That could not possibly true when there is still so much overt discrimination in jobs, education, housing and welfare, as well as the evils of the 'justice system' in its treatment of black men in particular. But it is a tremendous advance, to be hailed everywhere by anyone with a shred of humanity. The sight of hundreds of black students chanting "Yes, we can" is truly moving, and the victory so decisive that I can even happily show my kids a feature in 'The Times', of all places, on the history racism in the US.
Now, we couldn't ever have a black PM here, could we? Yes, we can!