Friday, 17 October 2008

Larry Elliot on the Green New Deal

The Guardian's economics editor Larry Elliot has an excellent piece in that paper's Comment is Free section today praising the fact that: 'Ed Miliband, the new secretary of state for energy and climate change, [has said] that he will introduce a feed-in tariff so that those who invest in small-scale electricity generation can sell excess power back to the grid. This sends out an important signal that ministers are serious about tackling climate change and are not, like Italy or Poland, using the financial crisis to wriggle out of their commitments.' He draws attention to the New Economics Foundation's pamphlet urging a Green New Deal and argues: 'Gordon Brown is calling for a Bretton Woods II to reshape the global institutions in a post-bubble world; a Green New Deal should be the starting point for discussions.' SEB strongly recommends people to read it. It can be found here.

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