Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The false blackmail of a 'banking system collapse'

In order to attempt to pressurise people into support for the government risking taxpayers money in propping up bank shares the threat has been wheeled out of a 'banking collapse' if this is not done.
This threat is entirely fake and it is important that everyone understands this.
Even in the worst case event that a bank were to entirely collapse the government can nationalise it, with no risk to taxpayers money through purchasing shares, immediately.
Banks such as Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley were nationalised instantly, with no interruption to their normal functiong whatever.
Such banks are able to loan perfectly as normal to viable companies - as indeed they should. In short there is no risk of a 'collapse of the banking system' whatever.
Indeed the strongest and most reliable of all banks would be nationalised banks - that is why so many depositors were trying to put their money into Northern Rock last month.

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